Its been almost 12 years since the last Terminator movie came out. Arnold said in T2 that he would be back, and as he states in Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines
"I'm Back." So the question is, how can there be another Terminator movie, if they stopped Sky-Net from even being built in the last movie? Well, Judgment Day didn't happen in 1997 as the story went, it just got postponed. Sky-Net is still being developed, but by the U.S. Government.

John Conner is now about 23 years old, he lives "off the grid", no home, phone, nothing that could have him tracked down by sky-net. Even though he knows he stopped Judgment Day from happening, something tells him that maybe he didn't stop it for good, and he was right. A new terminator called the TX, is sent back though time by Sky-Net to cause allot of trouble. She can connect to any network by cell phone, so she connects and places a virus inside every military network, tv station, cell phone satellites so they don't work. This causes for the activation of Sky-Net later in the movie. The US Government thinks they can stop the virus by logging sky-net into every network in the world. The TX also goes around killing allot of other people, but not just random people, they are targets. Since she can not track down John Conner, she takes out his future generals and commanders. One such target is Kate Brewster. She has a very important role in the movie and future, however they leave it out of the movie about why she is so important in the future.

The T-850 Terminator played by arnold comes back though time, and as always, needs to get clothes from somewhere. In this movie its more of a joke then anything.
Kate and John meet up in an animal hospital, and at the same time the TX appears to kill them, as does Arnold to save them. How both terminators knew they were there is a mystery, but the great action scenes that follow makes you not even think of that.

Terminator 3 is missing the emotion as Terminator 2 had. There isn't the same bond between the Terminator and John. Arnold does not take orders from John in this movie, instead he takes orders from Kate. They talk about the events that happened between T2 and T3, such as what happened to Sarah Conner. Then the action picks up again, leading the heroes to the military site that sky-net is being built, but by the time they get there its to late, Sky-Net has already need activated, and is starting to take over. Around this time, you get to see the first terminators ever built, the T1's.

After that scene there is a great battle between the TX and Terminator, as John and Kate escape to head to a secret location that hold the main source or Sky-Net. But in the very end they find it is something totally different. I will not give anything away, such as what happens to the Terminator cause its best to see for yourself, but those last 2-3 minutes had the theater in complete silence. It is problem the greatest ending I've seen in awhile. It might hit people kinda hard, with all the problems going on in the world today. There is a great chance people wont like how it ends, cause it leaves you wondering, and makes you want more. It is left open for a Terminator 4, and i just hope we don't have to wait another 10 years for another Terminator movie.

Arnold got in great shape for this movie, after seeing it you don't even think that he is in his mid 50's. The effects in this movie were some of the best to date. The storyline might not be the greatest, but it is well worth it, just for the action, effects and few comedy lines the terminator says. There are a few bad things about the movie, but the effects and knowing there will be a 4th one makes up for it. I give Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines a perfect score, and as the Terminators says in T3, "we'll meet up again"

-Its the 3rd Terminator Movie
-great visual effects
-Great ending that will put you in silence

-only 1 hour 40 minutes
-only about 1 minute of scenes from he future war
-Have to wait atleast 4-5 years for Terminator 4.