Top 25


I have gone through and picked my Top 25 Favorite Super Nintendo Games. I am basing my list on games I have either owned or played before. Also included are any notes or memories I have had on the games, so enjoy my top 25 SNES Games.

25 - NBA Jam: Tournament Edition
An arcade port of a 2 vs. 2 basketball game that features fun and easy gameplay, cool moves and best of all hidden characters such as Mortal Kombat characters, Will Smith,  and even Bill & Hillary Clinton

24 - Sim City

Based on the popular computer game, you are in charge of building and running a city. This version is fun because there are a lot of Nintendo references to it. I was never to good at making money; thankfully there was a cheat to allow players to make a million dollars whenever you needed it.

23 - Star Fox
Today when you see this game it looks like total crap but back in 1993 this was one of the greatest looking this to ever come out thanks to the Super FX chip.

22 - Gradius 3
A side scrolling space shooter game is what Gradius was. It was one of the first games I owned when I got the Super Nintendo.

21 - Contra III: The Alien Wars
This game was great just like the first Contra games were on the NES, only problem was this game was really hard. Even on the easy setting this game could eat up most of your lives on the first level before you made it to the first boss, the giant turtle.

20 - Mortal Kombat II
The first MK did not feature blood or fatalities so I think that hurt the franchise on the Super Nintendo so when MKII was announced it came fully loaded with blood and all the fatalities. Since the SNES was the most powerful system on the market it was the best looking MKII port, so good that it almost lived up to the arcade in every way.

19 - Killer Instinct
Another fighting arcade port. The game relies heavily on combos, the bigger the combo you do, the more damage you do to your enemy. The game was black rather then most SNES games which were gray. Only other game to brake format like that was Doom which was red.

18 - Battletoads In Battlemaniacs
The original Battletoads for the NES was a really hard game, and this one isn’t much different, but this one looks really good and plays really good. The first few levels have really good graphics and music and even though I couldn’t get very far, I enjoyed playing to where I could get to… Damn those speeder bikes..

17 - F-Zero
A racing launch title for the SNES, this game really showed how fast and powerful the SNES was.

16 - Final Fight
A port of a arcade beat em up, the only problem with this game was the original arcade had 2 play co-op but they took out the 2 player option in the SNES version.

15 - Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose!
A side scrolling adventure game based on the cartoon show. You play as Buster Bunny, but you run into almost the whole cast of characters in different settings such as their school, a western movie setting, a football game and even a Star Wars setting where the final boss is Duck Vader. Classic.

14 - Zombies Ate My Neighbors
A somewhat top down shooter, the object is to save your neighbors from zombies in different locations with an assortment of different weapons. This game is like a low budget B-Movie that not many people know about that people should know about.

13 - Mega Man X
Mega Man jumped from the 8 bit NES to the 16 bit SNES in a huge way. The graphics and details were perfect. It was fun trying to find all the hidden suit upgrades so you could do a fireball move that they do in the Street Fighter games.

12 - Batman Returns
The only Batman game I have ever like is this one. It is a Konami side scrolling beat em up almost like the way Final Fight plays expect your Batman, and you can use a few of Batman’s weapons. The visuals were great, and I always loved grabbing two bad guys at the same time and slamming their heads together.

11 - Terminator 2: The Arcade Game
Another arcade port. T2 The Arcade Game was a great game in the arcade expect it was really hard and kept eating my money (well duh, they are suppose to do that) but once it was released on home consoles I was happy cause I could play it whenever I wanted. You were able to use the Super Scope  (a light gun) but I preferred just using a normal controller.

10 - Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars
The first RPG game I ever owned and played. I remember being at a store looking at it and my dad came up behind me asking me if I wanted it, I wasn’t sure cause I didn’t really understand what it was, but he got it anyway for me. After getting home and playing it for a few hours and getting used to what it was, I fell in love with it. The story is great, the game play is great and for once having Bowser joining your team to fight someone else was something I never expected to happen. Thanks dad for buying my first RPG.

9 - Super Castlevania IV
I remember getting this game for Christmas, and I remember how blown away how real the characters looked. Now a day’s looking back at it, it doesn’t look that real to what we have now but back in 1991, this was something people have never seen before. The game was pretty hard, and it took me a few months before I could ever beat it, but I loved this game. One thing that stands out most about this game is the music. Even today I think it’s one of the best Castlevania soundtracks.

8 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time
Another and final arcade port on the list but this one is the best. Turtles In Time looked almost like the arcade version of the game and some people even consider the SNES version the better of the two because it features a level that’s not in the arcade and added & different bosses.

7 - Super Punch-Out!
Sequel to the original Punch Out, this game features improved graphics but the gameplay and controls are pretty much the same. Some of the boxers from the first game return for the one, but there are a lot of new fighters that take the ring for the first time.

6 - Super Mario Kart
The original Mario Kart game was an excellent single player experience but it was even more fun playing with another person. You could either race the other player or have a battle mode where the object was to try to pop 3 balloons that were surrounding the other players kart. I spent hours playing this game and it’s thanks to this game we have all the great sequels that followed.

5 - Super Mario All Stars
All 3 original Super Mario Bros game on the NES re released on the SNES with new and better graphics, music and sound. Also throw in the never released in America Lost Levels, hell yeah, I will buy that in a heartbeat. I remember finding this game while doing back to school clothes shopping with my mom back in 1993. After getting home I didn’t know what game I wanted to start up first.

4 - Donkey Kong Country
The biggest thing I remember about this game was getting a VHS tape from Nintendo promoting the game. Anyway about the game, I was blown away on how beautiful the game looked. How well detailed the trees, the characters and even the lighting was in the game. The music was incredible, and I still remember it today.

3 - Super Mario World
This game is just a bit…. Well this pretty much sums it up.  

 (my best time to beat the game from start to end is 22 minutes)

2 - Super Metroid
I was never a huge Metroid fan before this came out, I had the first one on NES and Metroid II on Game Boy but I never really got into them, maybe they were just too hard but once I played this for the first time I could not believe how good it was. I was hooked on this game. Even after beating it I would go back and try to find collectibles I would miss, or I would pop in a VHS tape and record myself playing to see how fast I could beat it in. I wish I still had those tapes. After playing Super Metroid I was able to understand and enjoy the first two Metroid games and games after Super Metroid. Super Metroid was just such an awesome game with so much to do and explore, epic boss battle, secret locations, awesome weapons, and very well detailed. This game almost made the #1 spot on my list.

1 - Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past
Back in 1991-1992 every time I got an issue of Nintendo Power or any other gaming magazine and they showed new screenshots of A Link To The Past I always freaked out and just wanted that game so much. I was on a list at a local video store to be the first one to rent it when they got their shipment in and I remember finally getting the call that it came in. I remember playing it for hours and hours nonstop collecting the 3 pendants, then getting the Master Sword and then heading to what I thought was the final level of the game. After I beat the boss I was shocked to learn that I only finished about a little less than half of the game. It was then I realized how big this game was and when I was told we had to take the game back to the video store. I started to get so upset, but then I learned my mom had the video store order an extra copy for me and it came in that day, so although I had to return it, I was able to get my own copy. Only bad thing, I had to do everything I had already done all over again, but it was such a great game it was well worth it. This game is so colorful and fun to play, it takes a long time to finish the main story then it’s even fun to go back and try to collect all the heart pieces you have missed.