Welcome to my list of the Top 30 Soundtrack Songs. I went thru alot of my old CD's and tried remembering what I thought to be the best soundtrack songs of my time. For a song to be considered on my list I made a few rules. The main one being, that a song must have been written for and released first on a soundtrack album. A song could not have been released on an artist previous album and had been used on a soundtrack. The song may have been released on an artist's own album after the soundtrack was released. I researched most of the following songs to make sure they were first released on a soundtrack and not on an artist's album.

Each song on my Top 30 list has a small sound clip with it. You need Quicktime Player in order to listen to the sound clips. Sound clips may be played by pressed the Play button under the album artwork. When you are done listening to a sound clip, be sure to stop the current clip you have playing before starting another clip. Otherwise both songs will play at the same time. It is kinda fun playing all of them at the same time. It is recommended that you view this list on a high speed internet connection. Thank you and enjoy my Top 30 Soundtrack Songs


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