2010 Monster Movie's Of The Day


October 1st 2010 - It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Ok.. Not a movie, not scary, but what is Halloween the Great Pumpkin? Since this is a TV show there really is no trailer for it, so enjoy a few clips from the show.

October 2nd 2010 - The Haunting.

An ok remake of an older horror movie. A lot of special effects were used.

October 3rd 2010 - Pet Sematary.

I never appreciated the movie for what it was before I had kids, but after seeing it after we had David made the movie really creepy and disturbing. To see the lengths a father will do to get his son back after he dies, even if that means he will become... well something different. A sequel was made that I really remember that much other then it starred Edward Furlong who played John Connor in Terminator 2 and I think that was it for his career before getting in trouble with the law with drugs.

October 4th - 2010 - Beetlejuice.

Maybe not scary movie, but its a fun movie to watch around Halloween. Michael Keaton is hilarious in this movie. And who cant forget the Banana Boat song dance. Recently the actor who played Otho, Glenn Shadix died. Speaking of deaths, after watching this trailer is it me or does Beetlejuice look almost like the Joker in the newest Batman movie "The Dark Knight", with the white makeup and the crazy green hair? Wouldn't that be weird since Michael Keaton played Batman in the 1989 version and then Chris Nolan's version of Joker in 2008 Batman looks like Beetlejuice.

October 5 - Bram Stoker's Dracula. (or any version of Dracula).

Let me start off by saying since this is the first vampire movie I'm doing, fuck that Twilight crap. Those are not vampires, they are ferries. Whoever wrote that crap knows nothing about vampires. Since when could a vampire walk in sunlight a...nd not burst in flames and turn to dust? Ok besides the comic superhero Blade but still the kids of today have no idea what vampires are really about. So go watch Dracula, there are many ones to watch. Best ones are the classic 1931 black & white version staring Bela Lugosi, the 1958 staring Christopher Lee isn't that bad. If you want a more modern version the 1992 version that has big name stars like Gary Oldman, Anthony Hopkins, Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder might be your thing. Another movie that I enjoyed a few years ago that a lot of people didn't is called Dracula 2000. It is sort of a sequel to Dracula set in modern days. It is produced by Wes Craven, writer and director of Nightmare On Elm Street, so if your not into the whole 1897 era feel and want something around the year 2000 try this one. Either way, fuck those Twilight vampires.

October 6th - Ghostbusters.

Not what you would call a horror movie, but it does have ghosts and it is one of my favorite movies of all time. My 4 year old loves Ghostbusters, and Connor loves dancing to the song as well. I don't even think I have to say anything about the movie since I am sure every one has ...seen it. Sure the second movie was not that good, but it's still Ghostbusters. Check out this trailer for the 15th anniversary edition that features both films.

October 7th - Leprechaun.

A cheesy horror movie about a Leprechaun that's after his pot of gold, what more can I say. This movie stars Jennifer Aniston. There were 4 sequels to this movie, third movie was set in Las Vegas and the forth movie set in space. They then made a movie called Leprechaun In The Hood ...where he goes to, well the hood. As bad as it sounds the movie really wasn't that bad and I enjoyed it when I first saw it a long time ago, don't know how it held up all these years later. It does also star Ice-T. A couple years later a follow-up to that was released which was called Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood, but I never saw that one.

October 8 - Resident Evil.

Based of the video game of the same name. The first movie of this series which is now on it's 4th sequel I thought was not that bad and had a few good scares in it. I liked how the movie was left open for a sequel but as with all movies they ruined the sequel and so on. I still ...think this is one of the best video game to film adaptations there is, other then the first Mortal Kombat.

October 9th - Alien.

The first Alien movie is good a good scary movie. Although I prefer the second movie Aliens over this one, the original is more of a horror movie whereas the second one is a action flick. Just don't bother with Alien 3, Alien Resurrection unless you have time to kill. Also really don't ...bother with the Alien Vs. Predator movies unless someone has a gun to your head.

October 10th - Scream.

From director of A Nightmare On Elm Street, Wes Craven this movie I felt was an something fresh and original in the horror genre at the time. It had you guessing until the very end as to who the killer really was. The sequels were not as good, especially the third one. They are in production of making Scream 4. Most of the original cast is returning including Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette. The movie is being written by the writer of the original as well as being directed by Wes Craven so I am hoping it will be a good movie and not just a cheesy attempt at trying to make some money of a movie that was once a success.

October 11th - Arachnophobia.

I hate spiders, so a movie about spiders really freaks me out. Its hard to classify weather Arachnophobia is a horror film or a comedy. Maybe a little of both, but either way toward the end with the queen spider, that just freaks the hell out of me. I have never eaten popcorn without looking in the bowl first since seeing this movie and when I played football back in high school I always checked my helmet before putting it on, just to make sure there were no spiders....

October 12th - Fright Night.

My favorite vampire movie of all time. I'm not going to explain the plot, either go watch it or watch the trailer (which I am surprised they show the ending of the movie in this trailer). I got really pissed off last year when I found out that they are remaking this movie and that it will be coming out next year, almost as pissed off as I was when I found out that they were remaking Nightmare On Elm Street. From what I am reading the remake is going to be a disaster and that’s all I will say. Anyway one of the stars in this original classic is Amanda Bearse who you may remember from Married With Children. She played the neighbor Marcy. She stared in this movie before that show so she looks a lot younger. A sequel was made for this film "Fright Night Part II" however it was not very good. If you own the DVD, make sure you keep it in good condition since they go on eBay for anywhere from $90-$200 since they are out of print and people want them. I was lucky enough to get it out of a $5 bin at Wal-Mart a few years ago

October 13th - Friday The 13th (just about all of them).

I love just about all of the movies in this franchise expect for parts 5 due to the fact that it really doesn't involve Jason. Part 8 because taking place on a ship for 95% for the movie and the last 5% in New York seemed kind of silly to me. Jason goes to hell was just weird and did not feel like a "Friday" movie. My favorite is part 7, due to its violence and the look of Jason. Sure the story is lame, but I still love this one. The original 4 are really good as well. The recent remake was really boring and hope they don't do any sequels.

October 14th - The Exorcist.

Often labeled as the scariest movie of all time, I just don't see it that way. Sure it is creepy at times, but not the scariest movie of all time. Maybe back in 1973 when it first came out and when no one ever saw anything like this movie, maybe then it was the scarcest movie, but not in 2010. It is still a great movie, don’t get me wrong and I recommend everyone should watch it. I saw Linda Blair at the Chicago Comic Con a few months ago; she’s the little girl in this movie. She was signing autographs on photos you could purchase, the weird thing was she had 7 pictures to choose from, but only two of them were from The Exorcist. All the other ones were of just her as an adult. What else is she known for besides The Exorcist?

October 15th - Jaws.

Another movie that makes a lot of people's scariest movie of all time lists. It's not hard to see why either, being in a body of water and not knowing what is below you and just like that being eaten by a shark. As a kid I was always afraid to go swimming in any lakes because I didn't want to get bitten. I knew there were no sharks, but I didn't want to get bitten by anything.

October 16th - Se7en.

Not really a "monster" movie and not sure if it's really a horror movie, but I think it has it's creepy moments and a good movie to watch around Halloween.

October 17th - A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a HUGE Nightmare fan and love ALL the movies, but of course the first one is the best. This movie is a real horror film and is scary. It is before they made Freddy become what I call a jokester or clown and just damn right a scary monster. Most of the sequels are ok. In fact other then this movie my favorite ones are Nightmare 3 & 4. And don't get me started on that piece of crap remake they just put out this year. I can not believe they did that. Robert Englund is the one and only Freddy Krueger not this new guy. The only thing I can say positive about that movie is they filmed a few scene's in my hometown of Barrington such as the what I call "Freddy house" and Elm St scenes, which I went out and found and took pictures of. If you want to know how big of a Freddy fan I am, I have a real Freddy glove. I am not talking about one of those cheep $20 gloves you get at the halloween store. This is real metal, copper, brass plates and knifes. Don't worry, knifes are not sharp... YET

October 18th - Interview With The Vampire.

A movie that tells the story of a vampire though the eyes of a vampire, that is what makes this movie so good. It may not be a scary movie but it does tell a good story. Again like I said about Dracula a few weeks ago, these are real vampires. Not that stupid Twilight shit vampire crap they made up where vampires can walk in the daylight and are doctors and shit.

October 19 - Shaun Of The Dead.

There are so many (Insert Title Here) Of The Dead movies and remakes of these movies out there. Just about all of them have to do with zombies, and just about all of them are connected to writer and director George A. Romero that it is hard just to pick one. So I am going a different direction for this one. A movie that spoof those movies, but not in a stupid way. This movie is really good. Even the zombie make-up effects for this comedy/horror are impressive. If you have not seen this movie yet, give it a chance. You will not be disappointed.

October 20th - Tremors.

A fun movie about giant "worms" that attack you from under the ground. It has the feel of a low budget b-movie of the 70's at times, but it is really good. Three sequels were made. Tremors 2 & 3 both introduced a new breed of the monsters, Part II they could walk on the ground and Part III they could now fly if I remember correctly. The fourth movie was a prequel that took place in the 1890's but it did star Michael Gross who was in all the other movies. From my understanding there is a 5th movie in production at this time. There was even a TV series that lasted 13 episodes and that also stared Michael Gross. Gross played the dad in the TV show Family Ties. This is a classic and fun movie from the 90's that everyone should see.

October 21st - The Sixth Sense.

Ok so its not a monster movie, and it may not be really scary, but I feel its a good movie for this time of year. I really hate to watch any movie that the director of this movie does since every movie that his name is attached to seems to be garbage, but this being his first movie wasn't that bad. Also this movie does have a really good twist ending, and once you know the ending you ALMOST want to go back and watch it again and see all the little things you might have not seen the first time. I am sick of hearing the famous line "I see dead people" I must say, its been used in so many spoofs that I wish that line would just go away.

October 22nd - Gremlins 1 & 2.

Some of the coolest and funniest monsters ever. Yes the first one is the better one. It's scarier and tells a better story but you should still see Gremlins 2. Everyone says its terrible, and yes while the story is crap, you really aren't watching it for the story are you? Your watching it for the gremlins and that cute little Gizmo. Gremlins 2 is a pretty good movie if you take away the human actors, I like how they gave some of the Gremlins their own personalities. As much as I would love a new Gremlins movie made today, I don't want them to do it because I know all the Gremlins and Gizmo would be CGI. There is something about the puppet Gremlins that makes them feel real, if that makes any sense. Sure the CG would make them look and act more real, but its not the same. I always wanted Gremlins 3 to take place in a Las Vegas hotel.

October 23rd - Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

Yesterday I went on a rant about how I was sick of people who thought the movie "It" was scary. So today here's a movie that is not that scary but the clowns in this movie are a lot more threatening then the clown that is seen in the movie "It"

October 24th - Child's Play.

This movie about a child's doll coming to life and killing people was a pretty good movie. It had 2 sequels, the first was ok but the third was really bad. They rebooted the franchise a few years later with "Bride Of Chucky" and that was a lot better then any of the sequels. It's scary and funny at the same time. There was a sequel to that called "Seed Of Chucky". Which was just awful.

October 25th - The Blair With Project.

It was hard for me to choose this one. I for one really didn't like the movie. It did have its creepy moments in between the long and boring parts. But this movie was one of the first independent horror films that was cheep to make and took in a shit ton of money. Now you see a lot of movies trying to copy that success. This movie did have a sequel, and if you thought the first one made no sense, I dare you to make sense of the sequel.

October 26th - The Addams Family.

Might not be a horror movie, but it fits the Halloween theme. I enjoyed this movie. It has a good cast including the late Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston, Christina Ricci, Thing, and most of all Christopher Lloyd. The sequel was not as good, however every Thanksgiving I always t...hink of that Thanksgiving play that is featured in the movie that Pugsley and Wednesday participate in.

October 27th - Army Of Darkness.

This is the final movie in the Evil Dead series, and my personal favorite. It isn't a scary movie, but it is funny and has a lot of good quotes in it.

October 28th - Saw (all of them I guess).

I don't know what to think about these movies, creepy and bloody? Oh yeah! Does the story get confusing? Yes if you don't watch them back to back since characters change every movie. I have seen them up to part 3. I have not seen 4-7 (I do own them though, except 7 which just came out). I just don't understand how the story can continue after part 3 and still have the main killer in them, I guess I need to watch and find out. Anyway they are fun to watch for the "traps" but like I said story can be confusing. I had fun playing the video game that came out last year, you had to solve puzzles just like in the movies. If not you get killed in violent ways. Have not had a chance to play the sequel that just came out but will likely in the coming weeks. To many other good games are out right now I want to finish.

October 29th - Casper.

More of a family film but still entertaining to watch. I especially enjoyed Casper's uncles. They were stupid but funny to watch. There is a nice cameo of Dan Aykroyd playing the part of Ghostbusters, Ray Stantz in full uniform and proton pack. I have not seen it in years so I don't know how it holds up today, but last time I saw it I thought it was an ok movie.

October 30th = The Mummy (1999, but also the classic B&W version).

This movie has more of a Indiana Jones feel to it but features mummies so I guess it counts as a monster movie. I did enjoy this movie although a bunch of reviewers hated it. I think the actor who plays the Mummy does a good job and I personally like Brendan Fraser. The second movie is ok as well, but the third movie that just came out last year I was complete trash.

October 31st - Halloween (Rob Zombie's version).

Yes I know the original is the better version, but everyone puts that movie on their lists so I'm doing something different. There is something about this movie I did enjoy, the back story of Michael Myers. You hear about it in the original movies but Rob Zombie spends most of this movie exploring his background and that's what I liked about this movie. It was interesting to watch Michael grow from a child into a monster. The actors who played both child and what I called giant Michael did a really good job. Toward the end of the movie is when it becomes a remake of the original movie, and that's when the movie is really bad. So when Michael escapes the hospital and returns to his hometown I recommend watching the original. The sequel Rob Zombie did was just awful by the way.