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Best Games of 2015

Super Mario Maker
It is like Bob Ross’s work but only in Mario style. You can make your own levels however you want, and upload them to the internet so others can play it and leave feedback. You can make levels short or long, easy, hard or nearly impossible to beat. Only requirement is before you upload it, you must be able to complete it.

Lego Jurassic World
I have not been into the Lego games much anymore but I found Lego Jurassic World to be very fun. You don’t just play levels from Jurassic World but also includes levels from Jurassic Park 1-3. So good I even went out and got the Xbox 360 version as well for more achievement points.

Rise of The Tomb Raider
While not a fan of Tomb Raider games this one captured my attention from the very beginning. Having to survive the wild which includes hunting and killing animals for food, clothes, and certain weapons.

Rock Band 4
I will say it is too early to bring back the music based games. Both Rock Band and Guitar Hero returned this year. I found Rock Band 4 to be the better of the two. There are a lot of downsides such as buying an adaptor to use your old plastic instruments or just buy new ones that doesn’t require an adapter. Best part though is you can download all your previous downloadable songs that have been release with the exception of a few due to licenses expiring. Also you can download songs from the original games, except the Beatles Rock Band

Halo 5
Better then Halo 4 gameplay wise but story is kind of weak. As Master Chief you are on a hunt to find your A.I. partner Cortana. Most of the game you play as a different Spartan trying to hunt Master Chief believing he has gone searching for her while disobeying orders.

Mortal Kombat X
Takes place 20 years after Mortal Kombat 9, it was weird seeing different characters trying to be the main focus, rather than legacy characters such as Liu Kang is now dead. The story was ok. Fighting wise was great. New challenges to play with. Good online play and downloadable characters such as Jason from Friday the 13th.

Yoshi’s Woolly World
If you played a Yoshi adventure game in the past then you will be familiar with this game. What stands out in this game is the visuals that blew me away.

Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D
One of the underrated Zelda games out there got the 3D treatment that Ocarina of Time got. Better visuals, 3D ability’s and different locations for items. This is also one of the harder games in the series since you have a time limit. I have played this maybe 3 or 4 times since it was released back on Nintendo 64, but I never 100% the game. This time I finally did and I am proud of it.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition
The game looked great when it was first released on Xbox 360, but it got the remaster treatment and looks better than ever. Also has great online multiplayer options

Rare Replay
The studio Rare has put out a lot of great games over its history and this game includes most of them. I think it was 30 games for $30 which is totally worth it. It includes arcade games, and home console games, however don’t expect to see the Donkey Kong County series since that is owned by Nintendo, but other classic games include the Banjo games, Battletoads which has the arcade and Nintendo versions. Also includes Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

Worst Games of 2015

Guitar Hero Live
Garbage, so bad I don’t even want to explain. I will say one of its flaws is that you need to connect a little USB dongle into the system (all systems it is available for) just so the game can recognize the controller.

Batman Arkham Knight
The final game in the Arkham trilogy, I was expecting the best Batman game yet. However, the story was really weak, driving the Bat-Mobile is a nightmare to control. It’s basically everything I loved about the first games, but it felt old like I’ve done this before. The story is really long, there are a few boss fights that just irritated me like hell. Side quest are boring. Only good thing is your sidekick which I will not spoil.

Looked great at first, it was nice playing as classic black & white Godzilla and fight monsters all though out the years Godzilla has been around. Final boss is the Godzilla from the recent U.S version. However, despite its good looks of Godzilla and monsters you fight is boring and as I said unfair. You control Godzilla but it sucks Controls are horrible. Every level is the same, go around and destroy 3 nuclear power plants and then fight monster which get harder along the way but without a block option you will die 3 levels in.

Zelda Tri-Force Heroes
Pretty much useless unless 3 people play with you, it is somewhat ok with two players but if you are alone, it is frustrating

Star Wars Battlefront
Trailers always looked great, but was not the Star Wars game I thought it was going to be. It is pretty much an online multiplayer game. Sometimes when you die you will become a hero or villain such as Darth Vader. I am horrible at multiplayer matches so I would get killed so much that I just gave up. I know they say practice makes you better but I just don’t have the time for that anymore.

Best Movies of 2015

Jurassic World
After the disaster which was Jurassic Park 3, I really didn’t think this was a good idea. First things I heard about the movie was they were going to make a new dinosaur with DNA from a T-Rex and a Raptor. Thought it might be cool, but didn’t really read up on the movie until it was almost released. The original park was finally open. The dinosaurs were on display. I loved this movie, this is the Jurassic Park sequel that we always wanted. It’s main star Chris Pratt really gave life to this movie. Only complaint I have was they didn’t allow the T-Rex much time on the screen time, and which time he had did have he almost had the same fate as he did in Jurassic Park 3.

Another Arnold Schwarzenegger movie that came out this year. However, Arnold plays a character I have never seen him play in this movie that feels like a drama. During a zombie outbreak Arnold plays the father of his daughter that has been affected with the virus. I think he only uses a gun once during the movie to kill a zombie coming near his house. There are many ways this movie could end but I won’t spoil that.

Did not really want to see this movie. It is another Marvel superhero movie of a character I have never heard of. I saw online that Ant-Man was going to be featured again in a movie in the Marvel Universe so I figured I better watch it. Turns out it was a really good movie. Nothing like I thought it was going to be. He isn’t my favorite superhero but it was fun to watch him evolve into this lovable character

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
If you’ve seen a Mission Impossible movie starring Tom Cruise you know what you’re going to get. It’s the same thing every time and this uses the same formula. I am a sucker for these movie, but I really enjoyed this one.

Love her, or hater her but Melissa McCarthy is becoming one of my favorite female comedians. All her movies are funny in my opinion and this one was great. It felt like a Mission Impossible movie, but with a comedy style. Melissa and the director of this movie are teaming up again for next year’s Ghostbusters reboot movie.

Worst Movies of 2015

Terminator Genisys
If you saw the trailer or T.V. ads for this movie the big surprise was ruined for you, and after seeing that I knew this movie was going to suck. The first 20 minutes I did enjoy as the humans defeated the machines and send Kyle Reese back to the past but something happened which they don’t explain. When the original evil Arnold Terminator arrives in 1984 he is greeted by an older Arnold. I thought that was great. I feel like they spent most of the writing time on this movie explaining why Arnold is looking old and has gray hair. I loved the idea and never thought about it. He is still a T-800 so still strong and powerful, his human flesh is just getting older. The ending was a WTF moment. It was said to be the first in a new trilogy, but that’s not going to happen. Arnold is the only saving grace to this movie.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
I am a strong believer that the saga ended at Return of the Jedi and there should not be any sequel movie. After seeing this crap, I was right. I always believed in the whole saga is the story of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. He did bring balance to the force by destroying the Sith, and that it was a new era of Jedi to rise led by Luke Skywalker. Plus, if you want to just revisit the very first Star Wars, this is for you.


My kids love it, but I cannot stand Adam Sandler. Maybe if he wasn’t casted it might have been better. It was cool seeing classic video game characters like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong come to life, but even a hard core gamer like me, it just felt awkward.

Vacation (2015)
In this reboot Rusty from the original movies is now married and has kids of his own and decides to take the family on a vacation. There are a few good cameos’ which were funny, in fact the cameo’s was the only fun thing about this movie. The movie has disgusting jokes and is a disgrace to the original.

Avengers Age of Ultron
For the most part I like all the Marvel superhero movies, but when they all come together for the Avenger movies I find it boring and very confusing. After seeing one of these superhero movies I automatically google the character or movie to make sure I understand but this Avengers movie was so confusing that I didn’t even bother to research.