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Best Games

Batman: Arkham City
The game is just incredible. So many things to see and do. The game did leave me with a lot of questions unanswered which I am sure will be answered in the sequel, or DLC.

Mortal Kombat
This might be the best Mortal Kombat game ever to come out. This game has so much content that you won't get bored with it anytime soon. The story mode surprised me the most, it was well written and fun to play. The downloadable characters are also a nice addition, especially Freddy Krueger.

Gears Of War 3
The game does not bring that much new to the series but it was still a fun game.  Feels like a summer blockbuster action flick that brings closer to the trilogy.

Portal 2
A fun puzzle game that at times makes you feel like the smartest person in the world while the next level makes you feel like the biggest retard. The dialog between characters is also very entertaining, especially half way through the game when you are partnered with your nemeses from the first game.

You Don't Know Jack
The game offered hours of enjoyment and is very well produced and best of all it was released at a very affordable price. If you happen to finish the games included 73 episodes there are plenty more to buy as Downloadable Content.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
A fun adventure game geared more towards the younger crowd but still enjoyable to older gamers.

Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D
One of my favorite games of all time remade for 3D. The game also features new graphics and some improvements mainly geared towards the infamous water temple.

Super Mario 3D Land
The game that might have saved the Nintendo 3DS. If you like any of the newer 3D Mario games you will love this game.

The Gunstringer
A Kinect game that I actually liked. I was surprised on how well the controls worked. This is one of the only Kinect games I would recommend everyone to try. What's best is that it includes a code to download Fruit Ninja Kinect which is also a fun Kinect game. Two great Kinect games in one package.

Sonic Generations
The first Sonic game that I completely played through in a very long time. It was fun revisiting classic Sonic stages and then to play through newer 3D levels in the classic Sonic 2D platforming and vice versa. One thing that troubled me in this game is the fact that "Classic Sonic" could not talk yet "Classic Tails" could talk.

Worst Games:

Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword
So many reasons why I did not like this game. Motion Controls, very slow starting, boring story, only 4 locations, Sky city, Forest, Desert, Volcano, Repeat. Annoying assistant who sounds like she is from the game Animal Crossing. The lack of voice actors never bothered me in past Zelda games but with each new game that brings more characters and story I think it is time to voice the characters. The only thing I did enjoy about this game was its music.

Pokémon Black & White
I love Pokémon games but this newest addition just annoyed me with its story. There was so much reading involved and it was such a boring story. There also seemed to be way to many random encounters of wild Pokémon.

The concept of the game is what interested me most. North Korea invades and takes control of the United States. Sounds fun right? Well if only it was fun. The story was very boring and the game was completed in about four hours.

Duke Nukem Forever
I can forgive Duke Nukem Forever for its aged game play and corny jokes. The thing that made this game make this list was after about 5 hours I got completely board of the game. So many games that came out this year could be completed in 4-6 hours, unfortunately this game didn't fall into this category. 

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Just more of the same is the best way to sum this game up. I had no emotional connection to any of the characters so their fates did not impact me at all. The game did not have any "Oh Shit, I cant believe that happened" levels or incidents that were found in the previous entry's of the series.

Best Downloadable

Scene It? Movie Night
I love the past Scene It? games and this smaller arcade version is almost as good as them. 

Fruit Ninja Kinect
A surprising fun version of the classic mobile game. I was impressed how well it controls.

Back To The Future: The Game
A point and click adventure game based in the Back To The Future universe. It takes place after the third film. The story is not as good as the movies but what makes the game great is Christopher Lloyd returns to voice Doc Brown. A different actor voices Marty McFly however towards the game Michael J. Fox does cameo a few characters.

This game has been out on PC for awhile but only came out this year on Xbox Live Arcade. If you love the game Diablo, you will enjoy this game.

Jurassic Park: The Game
I felt like the games story was a little better than any of the movie sequels. The game does have a lot of technical flaws but it was really nice seeing all the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park.

Worst Downloadable

Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
The game suffers from a lot of online troubles. Also I feel that single player is just a bit too difficult, even on the easy setting. The game is also missing Mortal Kombat 4 which was also an arcade title. It would also have been nice to see the games redone in HD.

Full House Poker
The game has to many glitches and it kicks you out of online play way too often.

Ghostbusters: Sanctum Of Slime
Ghostbusters: SoS sounded like a good idea, a Ghostbusters game that played like a classic arcade game like Smash TV or Gauntlet. However the game suffers from many glitches and at one point becomes way to difficult. Game should have been called Ghostbusters Sack of Shit.

Battle: Los Angeles
A first person shooter based off the movie of the same name. Cost $10 to buy and yet only took 30 minutes to complete.

Best Movies:

A movie that got little attention even though it does have some big named actors in it. The movie was enjoyable and funny.

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil
A very funny horror/comedy film. The ending felt rushed and boring but other then that a great movie.

Another Marvel comic book hero that I don't know anything about. Turns out I really liked this movie and look forward to seeing more of Thor in the upcoming Avengers movie.

X-Men: First Class
Did not think I would enjoy this prequel but to my surprise it is very enjoyable.

At first glance this may look like a family movie but it really isn't. It is a funny movie that I enjoyed every moment of.

Worst Movies:

Shark Night
Easily the worst movie of the year. It may even be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Jaws: The Revenge was a better movie than this, I cant believe I am going to say this but Jaws: The Revenge's story was better than this movie.

Cars 2

I normally don't include children movies in this list but this movie just sucked. I enjoyed the first movie but this movie was a major disappointment. It also felt like they were trying to send messages to adults to start using biofuel.

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon
I hated the other two Transformer movies and this one isn't any different.

The Hangover Part 2
The movie was boring and I don't think I laughed at a single joke. It was a sequel that was unnecessary and unfortunately they are making a third Hangover movie.

Little Fockers
Another unnecessary sequel.