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Best Games

Bioshock 2
The story may not have been as good as the first Bioshock, but I really enjoyed going back to the underwater city of Rapture. Playing as a Big Daddy also made the game fun in my opinion.

Dante’s Inferno
The game is passed off as being a God Of War clone however I am not a big fan of the God Of War games and found myself really enjoying the game. I thought the story was interesting and I enjoyed it so much I played through the entire game a second time right after I beat it the first time.

3D Dot Game Hero's
A game that reminded me of the classic Legend Of Zelda games. I had so much fun playing this game.

Alan Wake
A game that I knew little about going into it. I enjoyed the story and the gameplay. I feel this game could have sold better if it wasn't overshadowed by Red Dead Redemption which blew away everything the month that it came out.

Super Mario Galaxy 2
I was not a fan of the first game, but after playing this game for awhile mostly because my son loves Mario so I thought he would enjoy watching me play it I got really attached to this game. He would go to bed and I would stay up for a few more hours just going at it. Loved it so much that I went back and completed the first Super Mario Galaxy even though it wasn't as fun as the sequel.

This would be my surprise hit of the year. I bought the game just for the hell of it one weekend while the wife was out of town and ended up playing it all weekend.

Halo Reach
I really loved the story to this game. It is a prequel to the original Halo game. The stories in the other Halo games are ok, but this one really grabbed me and made me feel for the characters.

Dead Rising 2
Pretty much the same concept as the first Dead Rising, just much better. Better weapons, better missions, and best of all a better save system.

Castlevania Lords Of Shadow
I thought the visuals and the story were pretty good in this reboot of Castlevania. The ending was just great even though I could pretty much tell what was in store, however there was a twist after the credits that I never saw coming and I cant wait to see what they do if a sequel is made.  Also I think the voice acting by Patrick Stewart was great, however at the end when he tries to act evil it sounds terrible.

Rock Band 3
Its Rock Band, but the best version of it yet. The addition of the keyboards and pro instrument modes that teach you how to actually play the songs is awesome. The setlist is great and the fact that it imports all your previous Rock Band games setlists (except for The Beatles Rock Band) and all the DLC is great.

Worst Games

Aliens Vs Predator
I had hopes this would be a good game even though deep down I knew it would be bad and boy was it.

Attack Of The Movies 3-D
This game should be used as a way of torture. The red and blue 3D glasses that come with the game do offer some “ok” 3D effects at times but other then that this game is trash.

Naughty Bear
I was looking forward to this game. A game where you are a psycho stuffed bear and going around killing other stuffed bears, sounds great to me. However the gameplay was the same thing over and over and on the same small island that after 30 minutes you have seen it all pretty much and never want to play it again.

Crackdown 2
Speaking of doing the same few missions over and over and over again is Crackdown 2. So many things are wrong with this game. The first Crackdown is on my list of best Xbox 360 games of all time, but they really ruined the sequel. Maybe due to the fact that it took less then a year to develop.

Fable 3
I don’t have that much hate towards this game. I did enjoy it and played all the way though it, however it did not feel like a true sequel, felt more like Fable 2.5.

Metroid Other M
The thing that ruined this game for me more then anything was the story and how they made one of Nintendo’s best bounty hunter and made her seem weak. The story of this game takes place right after Super Metroid in which she destroys all the Space Pirates, Mother Brain and even manages to blow up the entire planet. Then this story comes along and makes Samus a poor helpless women. 

Rock Of The Dead
A game that is like the classic Dreamcast game “Typing Of The Dead” however you use your instrument controllers. The game stars Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day. Also there is some voice work from Rob Zombie, and a lot of music from him to. Sounds like it could be a fun game right? Wrong. I had to force myself to play a little bit everyday just because for some reason I wanted to finish this game. Was it worth it? No.  Worst voice acting in a game this year, and you will not want to hear a Rob Zombie song for a long time afterward.

Force Unleashed 2
The first game was great and had a pretty good story, so when  a sequel was announced I didn't understand how they could follow up that game since the main character died at the end. Well this game starts as you thinking that you are a clone of the original character and all though the game you don’t believe you are a clone and want to get to the bottom of it, to which the story never answers the question if you’re a clone or not. The game is very short, you only visit 4 locations. Where as the story for the first game felt very true to the Star Wars universe this one felt like it was written by a 8 year old. They even ruin Darth Vader at the end of this story. Ever since the prequel movies it seems Vader becomes more of a pussy in each story that involves him and this time they really made him look weak.

Call Of Duty Black Ops
I think I am just sick of Call Of Duty games and this one really made me realize that. I had so many glitches in this game that forced me to restart missions. I would get trapped in walls on behind cover that I couldn't move and would get killed. The story as good as people say it is just didn't do it for me. I was sick of being asked after every mission “what do the numbers mean”?

Donkey Kong Country Returns
When this game got announced I was so excited for a new DKC game. It looked pretty much like the originals games and I loved them so I had high hopes for this game. The game isn't that bad, the problem is it is way to difficult. I have played a lot of hard games in my life but I think this one was the hardest. What was worst is this game is a Nintendo Wii game made by Nintendo and looked like they were trying to get the games in average gamers hands, well I don’t think the average gamer would ever finish this game. I am still working on it. As much as I don't like how hard it is, it is still a fun game. It looks great and the music is great. Brings back memories of me playing the first Donkey Kong Country in 1994.

Best XBLA Games

Mega Man 10
Sequel to last years Mega Man 9 which uses the classic Nintendo retro style look. However unlike Mega Man 9 which I did not like due to its really tough difficulty, Mega Man 10 includes a normal and hard mode. Normal mode made the game fun for me and made me feel like a kid again playing the classic Mega Man games.

An interesting game. No color, no story in the game. Only story you get is when you are about to download the game. Object is to survive and figure out a bunch of puzzles. It was fun for a single play though but after that didn't feel like touching it again. I didn't enjoy my time with it though.

Castlevania HD
This game is hated by many. All I can say is I enjoyed it, its best played online with friends or other people.The game also features classic Castlevania music and it sound great.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
I knew nothing about Scott Pilgrim going into this game but I was sold on the idea of a game that is based on the classic beat em up arcade games of my past (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and all the hidden easter eggs of other classic Nintendo games. Me and my wife played though this game many times and never got tired of it.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
Released a month before the retail game Dead Rising 2, this game was a pretty much demo you pay for. However the story was a prequel to the game and certain stats you gain in this game such as weapons, clothes, money and even your characters level could be imported into Dead Rising 2 when it came out. I really liked this concept and hope to see more of it in the future.

Costume Quest
This would be my XBLA surprise hit of the year. It’s an RPG based on Halloween and collecting different costumes and using them battle.

1 vs. 100
This game and experience were great. Me and my wife would plan our evenings and weekends around this game, then came news that they not returning for a third season.

Best Movies

Still not as good as the original, but I felt this was 100X better then Predator 2 or any of the Alien Vs. Predator movies. I would consider this the true sequel to Predator and cancel out Predator 2 all together. I am even looking forward to a sequel to this movie. I feel like there is a lot more they can do with the franchise after seeing this.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
It wasn't just all the Zelda sound effects and all the Smashing Pumpkins shirts that made me love this movie. I thought had an interesting story and more interesting way of telling it. Made it feel like a video game. I guess it is also the first romance movie that nerds could enjoy.

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy
Never thought that I would say that a documentary would make my best movie of the year list but I loved this movie. It is a 4 hour documentary that explores all of the Nightmare On Elm Street movies. You hear from just about all the stars of the movies including Freddy himself Robert Englund and you find things about the movies, behind the scene stories and even how they did certain effects that I did not even know about. There is also a second disc full of extended interviews and features. If you are a "Nightmare" fan I really recommend this movie. It is sometimes hard to find at stores, but most major online retailers do sell it, here is the official website.

The Social Network
I did not think I would like a movie that is based on the creation of Facebook but to my surprise I enjoyed it. Don't know what else to say about it, other then the creator of Facebook is one lucky rich kid.

Piranha 3D
I had a hard time deciding if this should be in the best movie or worst movie section. First off let me say yes the movie is bad, but it is probably the best of the worst movies I have seen this year. Its your typical Lake Placid, Anaconda movies mixed in with Jaws. The special effects are cheesy, the plot is stupid but I had fun watching it and look forward to the sequel in 2011. I really enjoyed the small character roll that Christopher Lloyd played in the movie, reminded me of Doc from Back To The Future. Also I loved the what I call tribute to Jaws in the beginning of the movie which stars Richard Dreyfuss who was from Jaws. He looks like he is wearing the same blue shirt from Jaws, he sings the song that all the character sing on the boat while sitting around telling stories and you find out his name is Matt. Dreyfuss’s character in Jaws was named Matt Hooper

Worst Movies

A Nightmare On Elm Street
I cant find anything good or bad to say about this movie. I hated it so much that I have erased all memories about this movie away. All I can say is they should never have brought in a new Freddy. Robert Englund is and always will be Freddy Krueger. Only positive thing I can say about this movie is that parts of it were filmed in my hometown of Barrington, IL. We even went out and found where they filmed what I call the “Freddy House”.

Shrek Forever After
Man, I thought the third Shrek movie was bad this was even worse. How could they take a successful film such as the first one that both parents and kids could enjoy since there was a lot of dark humor that kids might not catch up on and over the course of 3 sequels destroy the franchise? My guess, they forgot about the adult humor and focused more towards kids.

Resident Evil: Afterlife
If you have seen the previous two Resident Evil sequels then you know how this one is going to be. Same storyline plots. Just felt more like the same except they wanted to do it in 3D and even that didn't help it.

I don’t know why this movie is so well received. I was so board with it. It felt so much like a more mature version of The Matrix since at first you really don’t know what the hell is going on. By midway though the movie you knew how it was going to end. However the final scene of the movie makes you wonder if it was a dream or not. I lean towards he was still in a dream.

Iron Man 2
I really enjoyed the first movie especially not knowing much about the Iron Man universe. I was looking forward to the sequel hoping that it would draw me in and be as entertaining as the first movie, however Iron Man 2 was a disappointment. I was really board with it from the story to the villains, it all felt a little to rushed to ensure a summer blockbuster.