Wow, 2007 turned out to be a great year in games, movies and music. So many great things came out that it was impossible for me to narrow down just one best game, movie, ect. so this year I am doing this different by naming what I thought were the best things of 2007. So lets jump into it, there's a lot to cover.

Best X-Box 360 Games
So many games, not enough time to play was the theme this year with the Xbox 360.

("hurry up Mr. Bubbles, angels don't wait for slowpokes")

What is being called game of the year by just about every gaming site in my opinion is a really fun and beautiful looking game but does not feel like top game of the year. Like I said there were so many good games that came out it was impossible for me to narrow down to just one. The highlight of the game is the "Big Daddy's" and "Little Sisters" (shown above). The Big Daddy's are really cool looking and very tough to beat. The game really isn't that hard to beat since there is no real way to die, once you lose all your health you are sent back to a chamber that resurrects you and you continue on which means you don't have to re-fight enemy's and whatever damage you dealt to enemy's stays the same.

Halo 3
(Finish The Fight)

If you haven't heard of this game you must be living under a rock. Although the single player campaign seemed very short (around 8-10 hours) and the story seemed rushed at times it was still a fun addictive game. The ending might leave a few people scratching their heads since this was the last "Halo" game but I'm sure people can figure it out. The multiplayer part of the game is where it makes it one of my top games of 2007. Halo 3 is the first game that I have spent a lot of time matchmaking and playing with people online. As of writing this I have now played 339 online matches since the games launch. I am not that good at first person shooter games, but I can hold my own in this game.

(A.K.A. Halo 3 Beta with bonus game Crackdown included)

Crackdown sold a lot of units back when it was released, but I don't think it was because people wanted to play Crackdown. The game included an invite to join the Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta when it came online in a few months after Crackdown's release and since everyone wanted to try Halo 3 it forced people to buy this game. I am guilty of this as well, but I was also very surprised how good of a game Crackdown really was. Think GTA meets Superman meets Batman. You play a super cop that is trying to clean up the gangs and drugs in a large city, you can lift and throw heavy objects like cars and trucks, and you spend a lot of time jumping from roof to roof which for some reason made me feel like Batman. It is still a game I don't mind going back to and playing, plus I am still trying to find all the hidden orbs.

("For the Overlord")

A game that I personally enjoyed this year that didn't have much media coverage was Overlord. You play the roll of the Overlord and command these crazy, funny little gremlin type creators called Minions. They are the real stars of the game, the funny comments they make, the items they find to use as weapons and best of all get drunk and piss all over the walls. Great game, just wish it had more attention cause it deserves it.

Best X-Box 360 Arcade Games
Just as retail games, a lot of Arcade games were released in 2007, from originals, to classic retro games to just crap. here are my top two Xbox Live Arcade titles of 2007.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Classic Arcade
(Top selling arcade game on Xbox Live in 2007)

This without a doubt was my favorite arcade game of the year, in fact it is my favorite arcade title of all time. Released at the same time to promote the release of the new TMNT movie. It includes the original game, music, sounds and graphics. They do have a few images of the turtles from the new movie in the main menu but its nothing that prevents this from being the same exact game that I grow up and loved as a kid. As if the game wasn't sweet enough, they added 4 player co-op using Xbox Live so you can always find 3 other people to play with, however each player is then only given 20 lives, but if your good you should be able to beat it without a problem. This was released back in March, and I am still able to start it up and play today and not get board of it. I am just hoping they release the sequel to it, and maybe even The Simpsons Arcade.

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night
(PSX Classic Reborn)

Another surprise title of the year. Who would have thought a Playstation classic (yes I know it was also on Sega Saturn) being released on Xbox 360. Most of the PSX game is included, all the levels, bosses, music and even speech dialogue is all in tact, the only thing missing is the CGI cut scene's which isn't that big of a deal. They even enhanced the graphics which makes it play a lot smoother then I remember back when it was first released. It was fun going through the entire game again and would highly recommend it if you hadn't played it before on Playstation.

Best Nintendo Wii Games
A lot of games came out in 2007 for the still hard to find Nintendo Wii. Most of them were ok games, fun for the entire family but a few games really shined this year.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
(Best Of The Trilogy)

The controls are very smooth for this first person shooter which tells the final chapter in the Metroid Prime series, but just as in Halo 3's ending will leave you scratching your head wondering "ok, now what?" The gameplay is just like the Metroid Prime games that were released on the Gamecube however the graphics have been improved and made it the best looking Wii game to date.

Super Mario Galaxy
(Super Mario 64 2?)

Being called the true sequel to the Nintendo 64 smash hit Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy was released in November and reviews for it have been extremely good. I have not given the game as much time as I should have but in the few hours I have played of it, it sure does beat the pants off Super Mario Sunshine. The controls do take awhile to get used to since it is a whole new way of controlling Mario but after an hour or so anyone could do it.

Best Nintendo DS Games:

Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
(Wind Waker Pt 2)

Announced 2 years ago and them seemed to have fell off the face of the earth, Phantom Hourglass was released this year with a new story and a new way to play. Continuing where the Wind Waker story left off, you now control Link via touch-screen only. It takes some getting used to that is for sure.

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
(Gotta Catch 'Em All.. Will it ever stop?)

The long awaited next installment to the Pokemon franchise finally was released. It plays just like all the older Pokemon game but this one includes Wi-Fi connectivity. You can challenge your friends around the world (friend codes are required) or trade pokemon with other trainers around the world. This is the best looking Pokemon game to date.

Mario Party DS
(Fun Multiplayer Times)

It was only a matter of time before they brought over the popular console series over to the DS. My only thought was please don't screw it up like they did for the Game Boy Advance release Mario Party Advance and thankfully they didn't. Up to 4 players can play a game wirelessly with only one user needing a game cartridge which makes it nice. Now you can play with anyone and not have to worry about them having a copy of the game. My only MAJOR complaint for the game was they didn't include multiplayer via Wi-Fi I was really hoping for this, being able to play with my wife while we are away would have made the days at work go by a lot faster.

Best Multi-Platform Games:
Games that were released for more then one system

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
(May the lego's be with you)

If you own the first two lego star wars games then this game might not be for you, unless you want to play thru episodes 1-3 as say Han Solo or Darth Vader. The game features co-op so you can a friend can play together.

The Simpsons Game
(Grand Theft Scratchy)

Finally a good Simpsons game came out. It's to hard to try to say what the game is about, but if you like the Simpsons, and you like video games, then this is a game you should check out.

Guitar Hero III Vs. Rock Band
(Based on guitar only play)
The battle of the bands, Rock Band Vs. Guitar Hero 3. To be fair I am only judging Rock Band for its guitar use. As you can see by the above screen shots both games look and play the same. The track list is what it comes down to and it is such a hard call. Both games share some songs like the Smashing Pumpkins Cherub Rock. Both games feature Metallica finally, but each game offers a different track. GH3 features the song "One" while Rock Band offers "Enter Sandman" so I guess it depends on what song you like more. Based on hours of gameplay for each game I have decided that Guitar Hero III wins my vote, but not by much. If you have the money I would say please buy both, they are that good.

Best Movies:

(The Turtles Are Back!!!)

When a new turtles movie was announced and when they said it was going to be all CG first thing that popped up in my mind was it can't be any worse then the third Ninja Turtles film, can it? Well after seeing it the answer is no. TMNT is much better then that awful piece of crap. I really enjoyed this movie more than any others this year. Although it stays away from classic villain the Shredder, the story deals mostly about family and brothers coming together. The animation is wonderfully done, in fact I totally forgot the fact that I was watching an animated film. The movie made me walk out of the theater feeling like I did the first time I saw the Turtles on the big screen back in 1990, except I didn't go home and dress up like a turtle.

The Simpsons Movie

This movie almost made my worst of list but after watching it a second time I seemed to enjoy it a little more. Maybe I was just expecting too much going into it. The movie feels like it uses some of the classic storylines from the TV show and pulls them altogether in one long episode. The jokes are still funny, even though they might seem recycled.

Best Album:
A lot of albums came out this year, and I have narrowed them down to two of my personal favorites.

Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist
(Well Duh!)

You really think I wouldn't haven't the Smashing Pumpkins reunion album on my best of list? I have already reviewed the album before so I wont spend much time talking about it.

Scorpions - Humanity Hour 1
(Classic Rock Makes A Comeback)

This one came as a shock to me. I really didn't think I would enjoy this album since its from a band that's been around since before I was born, but I must say I really enjoyed this album.

Best/Worst News Stories
Most news outlets have outlined the biggest news stories of the year, like the VT School Shootings, The Trapped Miners, The MN. Bridge collapse, but here are a few other news stories that happened in 2007 that some may not remember or try not to remember.

Anna Nicole Smith
(Just bury bitch!)

I was so sick of this news story. Anna Nicole Smith died on 2/08/2007 but wasn't buried until 3/02/2007 due to legal reasons. Every day they were fighting about who is entitled to the dead bitches body.

Chicago Bears Go To The Superbowl
(And blow it)

Being from Chicago and being a Bears fan I was more than excited when the Bears won their ticket to face the Colts in the Superbowl, but just like predicted, they blew it, and not by a little, but a LOT. I think most of Chicago was so embarrassed about their performance most people don't even talk about it anymore and why would they.

Paris Hilton In Jail
(In Jail. Out of jail, and back in jail)

What makes this bitch above the law, she makes me sick and I don't even want to talk about it. They should have just given her the chair, as well as the other whores of hollywood, Britney and Lindsay.

Worst Video Games
Instead of braking them down by category, I am just going to say what I thought were the worst games of the year. Period.

Monster Madness - Xbox 360
(Want My Money Back Please!!)

At first glance I thought this game would be like the classic Zombies Ate My Neighbors that came out in the early '90s, but nope. The controls, camera and gameplay all together suck major donkey ass. Although I have heard a patch was released recently that fixed a lot of these problems, I have not been able to bring myself to popping it back into my system.

Mario Party 8- Nintendo Wii
(No Widescreen = Bad Game)

The game could have been really good, but it felt really rushed. Almost like it was made to be on the Gamecube but transferred over at the last minute. Just like the recently released Mario Party DS, the lack of Wi-Fi is really hurting the series. Another bad thing about this game is that it does not support widescreen, so it felt very small on my 64" TV. I just hope they put more effort into Mario Party 9. Make better use of the Wii Remote and make more then just 4-5 game boards.

Pokemon Battle Revolution - Nintendo Wii
(It's Missing Something...)

Considered to be the Pokemon Stadium for the Wii, this game is not as fun or challenging as the Stadium games were. The game announcer annoys the hell out of me, there aren't many game modes or extra surprised to be found. One plus of the game however is that you can battle other people around the world in real time using the Wi-Fi feature, and best part is friend codes are not required to find a challenger.

Worst Movies
Just Crappy Movies

Epic Movie
(Worst Movie Ever!!)

First movie of the year that came out was Epic Movie. It is meant to be a spoof movie in the ways of the Scary Movie franchise but this was just terrible. I did not laugh one time, and just could not wait for it to be over. I cant remember much more of this movie cause it was that boring and stupid. Do Not Watch This Movie!!!

Shrek The Third
(Been there, done that, seen that)

If you have seen the first two Shrek movies then you aren't missing anything here. They try to use the same jokes and gags and cant really come up with anything original. Shrek 1 & 2 both had moments that everyone can remember, but I cant think of any moments or scenes that really stick out in this movie.

Transformers: The Movie
(Just awful)

The big blockbuster of the summer turned out to be a dud for me. The main problem for me was the acting of the main male character. What a cry baby and annoying pain in the ass. I'd rather sit in a room with 100 screaming baby's for 2 hours than watch this movie again with that actor.

Worst Album:
Just as a lot of good albums came out this year there were a lot of crap that came out as well and I was able to pick just one that really disgusted me.

Marilyn Manson - Eat Me, Drink Me
(No good hit songs)

This album is what Adore was to the Smashing Pumpkins, very mellow, personal and not well received. Manson tries to be a little more emotional and personal in this album but it just does not work. Almost every song uses the same beat and it just sucks....