Best Xbox 360 Game

Dead Rising

The Xbox 360 Game of the year one of the hardest choices for me this year. I was in between 4 games, Dead Rising, Gears Of War, Prey and Saints Row. Most everyone's game of the year is gonna be Gears Of War. The game was fun, had good graphic and multiplayer aspects, but it didn't WOW me. I really liked the fact that in Prey they was really no way of killed in the single player game, and it was driven by a good story. Dead Rising was the one game this year that as soon as I got home I would sit in front of and play till I went to bed. The game didn't really have a good story, but in a game like this you really don't need a good story. You are stuck in a mall with a bunch of zombies, and you have to find a way to protect yourself with anything you can find in the mall. What's more fun then beating the hell out of zombies with teddy bears, plastic lightsabers and lawn mowers? Although most people didn't care for the bathroom save feature I didn't find it that hard to get used to. I thought it was more of a pain trying to rescue survivors that are dumb as hell and would run right into a crowd of zombies

Best Xbox Game:

Jaws Unleashed

When I heard they were making a new game based off the movie Jaws I thought to myself that I hope its better then the original NES game. That proved to be true when I heard that in this game you will have complete control of Jaws, the shark. It was my guilty pleasure this year swimming around as a great white shark killing swimmers, divers, other sharks and animals and getting a cheap laugh out of it since there are alot of different ways you can kill your victims. Although the controls and camera angles are very buggy the game offers a single player storyline (which of course would suck since your the shark after all) and it has alot of side missions to keep you busy.

Best Nintendo DS Game:

New Super Mario Bros

Beating Metroid Prime Hunters and Castlevania is New Super Mario Bros. This game reminded me how fun Super Mario Bros games are. I mean we haven't really had a new Super Mario game that we have come to love since the release of Super Mario World on the SNES so it was nice to have a new side scrolling super mario game. The only downside was the game didn't have enough to offer compared to Super Mario World, no hidden worlds, and not that many hidden levels, but overall it was fun and would love another one to come out soon.

Best Playstation 2 Game:

Mortal Kombat Armageddon

Normally i don't have a best of PS2 cause I am not that big into the Playstation, but a few good games did come out this year that I played and enjoyed. Kingdom Hearts 2, Guitar Hero 2, and Mortal Kombat Armageddon. When Mortal Kombat Armageddon was first announced to include every character from all the old games and that this would be the final game in the storyline I was really excited. Not only to be able to play as some of my favorite Mortal Kombat fighters but just being able to find out what everyone's ending was gonna be. To my surprise this game could have also made it to my Worst Of 2006 list due to the endings of each character. I wont give spoilers, but they could have at least showed a video of the ending or even a picture or two. The game also included an arcade port of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 which the Xbox version was lacking.

Best Nintendo Wii Game:

Wii Sports

Wow, didn't see that coming did you. I'm sure you thought Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess was sure to be the game of the year right, nope. Instead Wii Sports, the free game that was included with the Wii system got top honors this year. This game had the best use of the Wii controller and being able to play tennis, baseball, golf, boxing and bowling just blows me away. It's a great way to get off the couch and actually get into the game. Me and my wife have the greatest time playing the game, especially bowling. But for this to beat Legend Of Zelda, the game I've waited for since its announcement a few years ago, how could this happen... Well.....

Best Gamecube Game:

Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Well here it is, Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the game of the year for Gamecube. There are a few reasons why this didn't make game of the year for the Wii, and here's why. For one the game was originally announced for Gamecube as the last great game for the system, so I thought it was only right for the final best gamecube game of the year to be Zelda. The Wii versions controls were easy to get used to, but the aiming system for such items as the bow and arrow were little buggy. The final reason is in all Zelda games, Link is left handed, in the Wii version he is a righty. Its for these reasons that I saw the Gamecube version of Zelda the true version of the game which is my game of the year

Overall Best Game Of The Year:

Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Well duh! Anyone who knows me would know this would be the top choice so I wont even spend much time on it. Other then the fact that it took me 50-60 Hours to completely beat the game

Overall Best Game Of The Year:
(Besides Legend Of Zelda)

Wii Sports

Wii Sports won Game Of The Year (besides Zelda) mainly cause of the new way of playing games, and how just about anyone can pick up the controller and get into the game Although the game can get boring after awhile or make you tired, it's always fun to go back to later and play some more. The runner up game also had alot to offer, but just being part of Wii Sports makes it more exciting and entertaining in my opinion If only Nintendo didn't include it for free with the Wii, alot of people would go out and buy it and they would make alot of money since this is my pick for Overall Best Game of the Year (besides Legend Of Zelda)

Best Movie Of The Year:

Superman Returns

Early in 2006 when I saw what movie were coming out I didn't think Superman would have my vote for Movie Of The Year, I really thought X-Men or Mission Impossible 3 would get that honor but I was wrong. X-Men was really bad, it felt too rushed. MI:3 was a really great movie but after seeing Superman Returns I knew I had my winner. I will admit I am not a big Superman fan, I cant hardly even remember the original movies, but Superman Returns did a good job of filling in on what happened in the first two films, since this one is supposed to be the third one. The storyline was exciting and even drew me in closer when they hinted at the fact that Lois Lane's kid might be Superman's. So this year, above Snakes Of A Plane is Superman Returns for my pick of Movie Of The Year

Best Album Of The Year

Korn - See You On The Other Side

Although It came out in mid December of 2005 I didn't discover its greatest until 2006. Also the fact that I can not think of any other good album that game out this year I am bending my rules alittle and making Korn - See You On The Other Side album of the year. My favorite song off the album has to be Coming Undone.

Best News Stories Of 2006:
There were alot of good news stories in the year 2006, to many for me to narrow down and pick only 1 so here are a few of the greatest:

The Space Shuttle Atlantis Returns To Space:

It was a few years since the Space Shuttle Columbus was destroyed on its return to earth which shut down the space shuttle program for a few years until they reworked on the shuttle's. Everyone thought that the shuttle Atlantis was a doomed flight with all its delays, lighting strikes and fuel leak problem, but it launched and landed without a problem.

Execution of Saddam Hussein:

Happening just a few days before writing this up they executed Saddam Hussein by hanging him. This has been on the news alot lately so I wont go into boring details which I'm sure you already know.

Steve Irwin Dead

I was really shocked and depressed when I heard the news that Steve Irwin got killed. I really enjoyed watching this guy. I was alittle shocked on the way he died by a sting ray, you would have thought for sure he would have gotten his head bitten off by a crocodile, but ether way he will be missed by many including me. Crikey!!

Worst X-Box 360 Game

Sonic The Hedgehog

I had high hopes for this game but they were all flushed down the drain once the demo came out a few months prior to its release. The controls were too sensitive and the camera angles were even worse. I thought since it was only a demo that alot of these problems would be addressed and fixed in the games final build. I was wrong. Stick to your classic Dreamcast game Sonic Adventure.

Worst Xbox Game:

Family Guy: The Video Game

Another piece of crap that I had high hopes for. The storyline is weak. You play as Stewie, Brian, and Peter in different levels and every level is almost the same thing and gets boring very quickly.

Worst Nintendo DS Game:

Lego Star Wars 2

Wow what a piece of junk this is. If your at least gonna release a game, test and play thru it yourself before sending it out to ship. The controls suck, the camera sucks and most of all some of the backgrounds and characters just disappear. What a piece of crap.

Worst Movie Of The Year:

Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector

I'm a big fan of Larry The Cable Guy but I really do think he should stick to comedy shows and stay away from movies. He tries to bring his act into a movie with a storyline and it just doesn't work. Larry I love you, but stick with Blue Collar movies if you want to do movies.

Worst Album Of The Year

Weird Al - Straight Outta Lynwood

This is Weird Al's first album since the death of both his parents and you can tell by listening to this album that he is still really depressed about that. The album feels rushed and doesn't feel like he gave much thought into the lyrics. There's only a handful of songs that he spoofs on this album, and the ones he does spoof, they are really weak such as Canadian Idiot. I hope his next album does better then this one.

Worst News Story Of The Year

John Mark Carr

This guy should be killed just for what he didn't do which was kill Jon Benet Ramsey. To go as far as lie about killing her is just wrong, we all know her parents had something to do with it. Then to find out this guy is a loves child pornography, is a school teacher and had a freakin sex change, this guy needs to die and burn in hell. This made my worst news story of the year because it really wasn't news. The media outlets jumped right into this story without giving it much thought.