Best Video Game Of 2003

The Legend Of Zelda - The Wind Waker:
Although the game looks like a cartoon and a child's game, it still holds the same fun, excitement and story as the game before it, Zelda: Ocarina of Time. When the Nintendo Gamecube was first introduced, they showed a demo of a new Zelda game that looked life like, and when I saw the new cartoon version, I was afraid it would suck. Although it seems to short, this is to date my favorite Zelda game

Best Album Of 2003:

Zwan - Mary Star Of The Sea
Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin formally of the Smashing Pumpkins got together with David Pajo, Matt Sweeney, and Paz to create Zwan. Mary Star... was the first album from the band, and with such hits as Honestly, Lyric, and Of A Broken Heart this album has made it to the top of my list. Critics gave good reviews of the album, their live shows were amazing, and better then some Pumpkin shows I've seen, fans of the Pumpkins were expecting the same Pumpkin rush, and got disappointed, due to the different direction Corgan took. Although it does have a few songs that bring back the old Pumpkin feeling, it just didn't sell as good as it should have. Zwan broke up officially of Sept 15, but left a great album for us.

Best News Event of 2003:

Chicago Cubs
What an exciting time in baseball. The worst team the Chicago Cubs made it one game away from making the World Series. I am proud of how far they made it, but that one "fan" Steve Bartman messed up all chances. I'm sure everyone knows the story by now so I wont get into details. But I like other people want that guys head. The Curse continues.

Worst Movie Of 2003:

Matrix Revolutions
All I can say is total crap...

(I did understand the whole story, and still thought it sucked since that is the excuse people give to those who didn't like it)

Best DVD Release Of 2003:

Family Guy Seasons 1-3
My favorite TV show next to the Simpsons finally on DVD. all 51 episodes from the canceled show. The show wasn't cancelled cause it sucked, they just crossed the line to much with race, sex, religion jokes as well as allot of other stuff that you would never expect. The DVD series has sold well over 2 million copies total, the reruns that air on Cartoon Network getting many viewers, which is why Fox is bringing the TV show back. If all goes as planned, over 20 episodes could be ready by Jan. 2005.

Best Movie Of 2003:

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines AND Freddy Vs. Jason
I might be the only person who thought Lord of the Rings really sucked, but that is just my taste. As a child/teenage, I was really into the Terminator, Jason, and Freddy, so having all 3 come back in one summer was great. Although T3 didn't live up to T2, it was still a great movie. Movie was left open for a T4, but with Schwarzengger's new office job, it might not happen, and if it does with a new terminator, it will just suck. Freddy Vs. Jason was a new fresh approach to the famous duo. Everyone knew for years that it was coming, but there was doubt in everyone's mind, but wow, did they pull it off. Freddy, and Jason fans were happy, even with the ending, and just as T3, left it open for a sequel, but if that doesn't happen, its still ok, its still a good movie. FvJ has now launched a bunch of movies coming out in the next few years, Aliens Vs. Predator, Helloween, and even a Batman/Superman movie.


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