Simpsons Quiz!
1) When the robotic Ultrahour sprays the scent of lilac throughout the Simpsons home in "Treehouse of Horror XII", Marge syas the smell really covers up what?
a) The Grampa Funk
b) Homers various bodily emiisions
c) The cat crap
d) Last night's tuna surprise.

2) At the beginning of "Jaws Wired Shut", what magazine is Homer Reading?
a) Pie Times
b) Hammocks Monthly
c) Bowler's Review
d) The New England Journal Of Jocks

3) In Treehouse Of Horror XI, What does Grampa get swallowed by?
a) The heartbreak of psoriasis
b) His own crippling greed
c) A dolphin
d) The toilet

4) In "Whacking Day", Kent Brockman of "Eye on Springfield" takes a look at nudist camp for what group?
a) Seniors
b) The Blind
c) Animals
d) Hairy People

5) Which of the following music groups, have NOT apeared on The Simpsons
a) Smashing Pumpkins
b) Red Hot Chili Peppers
c) Green Day
d) Blink 182

6) While robbing the Simpsons in "Homer the Vigilante", how does the cat burglar subdue both Homer and Santa's Little Helper?
a) Makes bear noises
b) Turns on the TV
c) Gives them wieners
d) Locks them in the bathroom

7) When Homer smokes marijunana in "Weekend at Burnsie's", Lisa says it smells like what?
a) College kids
b) The art teacher's office
c) A florist died
d) A brownie experiment gone horribly wrong

8) In "Bart Gets Famous", what is Marge doing when Homer says she has it easy?
a) Changing Maggie's stinky diaper
b) Scrubbing the floor
c) Mopping waffles off the ceiling
d) Cleaning roots out of the plumbing

9) During a poker game in "Secrets of a Sucessful Marriage", what does Moe choke on?
a) A pickle
b) A poker chip
c) His own rage
d) A peanut

10) What is the first name of Mr. Burns
a) Montgomery
b) Charles
c) Monty